By Heather Abraham

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The safety record of the company that owns the truck that caused a nine-vehicle crash Friday morning, shows higher-than-average rates of turnover.

ABC Freight, Inc., which owns the semi-truck, has had 61 of its vehicles inspected over the past two years – 25 of which were taken out of service. That’s 41 percent of the fleet, which is twice the national average.

There have also been 91 driver inspections – 20 of which were taken out of service. That’s 22 percent, which is four-times the national average.

The company’s driver in Friday’s crash was a Cuban national, who authorities said could not immediately produce a driver’s license.

Both adults who were taken to Allegheny General Hospital after being injured in Friday’s crash were originally admitted in critical condition. Since then, they’ve been downgraded to serious, but stable condition.

The bus driver taken to the hospital was Dominique Riley. Employees at the company which owns the bus she was driving, W.L. Roenigk, panicked after hearing of the crash.

“It’s still very scary,” W.L. Roenigk manager Mary Keady said. “Anytime there’s something involved with the kids and drivers, you know, it’s always scary. She’s just a very good employee, very friendly, well liked, she runs on time, good with the students.”

Riley was parked near the Greentree Road and Woodville Avenue intersection, while between bus routes.

The child that was injured and taken to Children’s Hospital is expected to be fine and was taken as a precautionary measure.

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