PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — What a difference a day makes, and a politician.

Dorothy Bayerlein told KDKA’s Ralph Iannotti Wednesday that something had to be done about parking in front of her home on Carson Street.

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When they city installed high-tech parking meters outside her door life became harder for the 76-year-old who uses oxygen, has had open heart surgery and lung cancer.

Her free handicapped parking went away, she found herself not only feeding the meter every two hours, but also paying hundreds of dollars in fines when she couldn’t get to the meter.

One day later, Pittsburgh City Councilman Bruce Kraus stepped in.

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“The confusion here is between residential and commercial handicapped parking; so this is one of those hiccups that we run into when we do this kind of stuff,” said Kraus.

Bayerlein and her brother often parked blocks away to avoid the meter.

“We have to make certain that we remember and respect the existing handicapped spots of residents in the commercial district,” Kraus added.

Councilman Kraus says in a few days Bayerlein can park in front of her house without worry and he has gone through the same process for another constituent up the street.

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