PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Saturday afternoon, rock legend Bruce Springsteen held a free concert for Obama Supporters in Pittsburgh.

Bruce Springsteen brought his blue collar anthems to Soldiers and Sailors Hall Saturday and gave a free preview of his concert to more than 2,000 Obama supporters.

Calling the president his friend, Springsteen delivered songs and speech.

“Also, deeply concerned about the growing disparity in wealth between our best off citizens and our everyday citizens,” he said.

While the appearance was labeled as a free concert, audience members were recruited to work for the campaign.

“I need all of you right now, to help me make some phone calls,” a rally organizer said.

Everyone was given a packet with a list of eight people to call and urge to support President Obama.

The crowd also endured some speeches from local Democrats, like County Executive Rich Fitzgerald.

“Is Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania ready to deliver the presidency to Barack Obama?” Fitzgerald asked the crowd.

But with this crowd, there’s a sense that if Bruce Springsteen were on the ballot – the president’s chances for re-election would be a lot slimmer.

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