PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — What’s Halloween without trick-or-treating?

A lot of Pittsburgh-area children found out Wednesday night. With Sandy looming earlier in the week, dozens of local municipalities postponed their trick-or-treating hours until this weekend.

But Robert Faulkner and his son weren’t going to let Hurricane Sandy get in the way of their Halloween traditions.

Even though they live within Pittsburgh city limits and their trick-or-treating won’t officially happen until Saturday, they sat out in the rain on Wednesday night for anyone who wanted candy.

“I think trick-or-treating should be on Halloween regardless,” said Faulkner.

Just across the border in Carnegie where trick-or-treating still took place on Halloween night, there was no shortage of kids in costume, bearing the elements.

Neighbors like Julia Heither said she’s not sure why Carnegie didn’t follow suit with the other areas.

“I was confused as to why every other place in the city had moved it to Saturday and we hadn’t,” she said.

But kids who live in neighboring communities took full advantage of two Halloweens.

“We ask them, ‘Where you coming in from?’ They say, ‘Well, we didn’t have one tonight, so we’re coming to Carnegie,’” said Lee Clark, a Carnegie resident.

They were depleting the candy supply faster than ever before.

“Double, maybe triple of what we saw last year. This year, over 80; last year, about 30,” added Ron Kalnas, also of Carnegie.

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