PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — We’re heading into a time of year when a lot of people like to spruce up their homes for the holidays; and for many that means pulling out the hammer and nails and decorating the walls.

The makers of a product called InstaHang say it can replace your hammer and nails, and save you time and sanity with home projects. But does it really do that?

KDKA-TV’s Jennifer Antkowiak recruited Terra Jones of Pittsburgh’s North Side to help us find out.

Terra is a busy mom of two sons. She has a lot of pictures of them, but doesn’t have many on display, simply because she hasn’t had the time to hang them.

“I think about trying to take a couple of hours on a Sunday, and say I’m gonna hang some pictures, and it never happens,” Terra said.

The InstaHang looks like a big stapler, and comes with a variety of 47 little pieces to use to hang various items.

Since one of Terra’s sons is just 2-years-old, the thought of all those pieces had her nervous about buying the product when she saw it advertised. The product also has a built in bubble level.

All the pieces are supposed to easily store in the unit’s hollow handle.

We started to organize the parts, and follow the directions for storage, but Terra had trouble fitting all of the tiny pieces where they were supposed to go.

We ended up dropping several and one popped off and hit Jen in the face!

The longer it, took the more frustrating it became; and although Terra continued to work with all the pieces in for our test, she said if she was trying to use InstaHang on her own, she would’ve given up much earlier and called her dad for help.

After more than half an hour, we finally had most of the pieces stored, and the peg strip loaded to hang a picture.

InstaHang says simply push to set a peg in the wall, capable of holding an item up to 10 pounds, with a “grip that doesn’t slip” because of an angled peg design that angles for a tight fit.

Terra measured, pressed the InstaHang, and the peg went into the wall quickly and easily! But when we tried a second time, the unit jammed, and no peg came out.

She tried again and again, even tried to break up what was causing it to stick with the tips of scissors (dangerous, and not recommended by the manufacturer), but no luck.

We couldn’t get another peg to come out; in fact, we saw two stuck in the unit!

At that point, Terra was actually sweating!

“It looks like I just came from a 45-minute workout! Seriously! Do you see the sweat on my back? Oh my goodness!” she said.

With all her pictures, and the holidays coming, Terra had high hopes that InstaHang could help her do some fast decorating.

Replace your hammer and nails with a grip that doesn’t slip… does it really do that? Terra shakes her head, “no.”

InstaHang is sold online, and in several stores for around $14.99.

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