PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Rock star Madonna has brought her tour to Consol Energy Center.

It’s her first time here since 1985.

This time around, she’s added acrobats known as “slack liners.”

Hayden Nickell and Jaan Roose have mastered the twists and tumbles of the 2-inch-wide, bouncy tightrope.

“A lot of people use the slack line for kind of a portable trampoline, where you can start getting a lot of bouncing,” Nickell said. “You can bounce with your feet, on your butt, with your chest. Runners, football players, hockey players, basketball players, use it as a cross training tool, as an injury preventative for their knees and ankles. It’s such a simple challenge that you think you could be able to do it easily and when you actually try to do it, it makes you want to do it more and more and more.”

Madonna herself is likely to try a bit of on-stage “slack lining.”

It all comes down to balance.

“All that shaking that you’re feeling,” Nickell said. “It’s just all those inactive muscles that are activating now and you’re using for the first time in your life. My specialty is actually called high lining, and that’s where you set up a slack line between two cliff points, and walk across that.”

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