By Ken Rice

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It’s a common scene around here — deer darting in and out of traffic.

But one deer decided to do a little more than just some “window shopping.”

“Rack after rack crashing, things breaking, it was loud,” Office Manager Jill Horvatic said.

The deer went running across the street and made a smashing entrance into Stout Carpeting in Mt. Lebanon.

Horvatic was upstairs when she heard the commotion and made the discovery.

“There was glass shattered all over the floor and there was a deer laying on its side trying to kick itself back up,” Horvatic said.

The deer was down, but the destruction was only beginning.

Horvatic says the animal spent about 15 minutes demolishing everything in one area of the showroom.

Even as police arrived on scene, the deer stealthily wandered through the racks.

“Oh, there it goes,” one officer said.

Apparently not seeing anything that caught its eye, the deer casually walked back out– empty-handed– and eluded the Taser-wielding police officers.

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