PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – We’d all like to save time in the kitchen, and a new batch of cookware claims to help you cook faster, clean up easier, and eat healthier.

KDKA-TV Morning News Anchor and “Does It Really Do That?” reporter Jennifer Antkowiak tested the Yoshi Blue and Orgreenic pans to see if they live up to those claims.

Both pans have natural ceramic surfaces. Makers of the Yoshi Blue pan include diamond particles for added durability. The commercials show food cooking and sliding right out of the pan including, eggs, mac and cheese and chicken. Even burnt cheese, caramel and sugar come right out and any residue simply wipes away.

Erin Suty from West Newton, Westmoreland County, helped with the test.

She was interested in trying them out for the healthier eating aspect of not having to use any sprays, oils, or butters as well as the time saving factor.

Suty has a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old and she said the kitchen can get a little crazy sometimes.

“Very hectic especially when I’m trying to cook, and they’re running around with their toys and playing and everything. The faster the better,” Suty said.

Suty commented on how pretty and sparkly both pans looked.

Following directions, Antkowiak and Suty started by doing what’s known as seasoning the pans by washing, then heating some oil in each one, and wiping clean.

They tested eggs first, hoping they would slide right out of the pans like they saw on the commercials.

“Look at that,” Suty said, as the egg in each pan slid to the plate. A little bit of egg that wasn’t fully cooked stayed behind, but she was able to quickly wipe it away with a paper towel.

Then, they wanted to test the cheese next, since a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches move through Suty’s kitchen.

The commercials make it look like burnt cheese isn’t an issue for either pan.

Although it felt odd, they watched and waited and let the cheese slices burn in each pan. It bubbled up, and the pans actually seemed to repel the cheese.

Using a spatula, Suty went to work on removing the messy cheese from the pans and it didn’t take much work at all. Just like on the commercial, the cheese came right out.

Next, they wanted to give the pans more of a workout, so they tried something neither of them had experienced – burnt sugar.

The Yoshi Blue commercial shows a woman wiping sticky brown sugar out of the pan with a paper towel.

Suty added sugar to each pan and they did a good job of burning it because the smoke detector even went off. This time, clean up was nothing like the commercial. Suty couldn’t even scrape it out with a spatula.

Now, although the basic cooking went well, failing to live up to a claim made Suty nervous about the product as a whole. So, when Antkowiak asked her, “Does it really do that?” Suty said, “It’s a flop. I hate to say it. It seemed like an awesome product. I don’t know if I would’ve bought it in a store because I’m a little leery of it. It seems too good to be true, and in this case, it’s definitely too good to be true.”

That being said, they try one last test.

The Orgreenic commercial shows their pan can withstand about anything – even being run over.

Suty placed the pan on the street outside of her house, and Antkowiak drives the KDKA-TV news vehicle up and over it.

“Looks good! It worked,” Suty said..

Yoshi Blue and Orgreenic pans are available online and in stores. We’ve seen them sold for $14.99-$19.99.

Yoshi Blue: https://www.yoshiblueoffer.com/
Orgreenic: https://www.orgreenic.com/


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