PATTERSON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Now that a Beaver County Coroner’s jury has ruled that the death of a woman in a pool 20 years ago was not an accident, the ball is now in the hands of the Beaver County District Attorney.

“I do hope her family gets justice.”

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That’s how neighbor Gloria Caler reacted to news that investigators are looking again at the pool and what happened to Debbie Lang in that pool back in June of 1993.

The people who live in the Patterson Township home now have nothing to do with the case.

But investigators have a renewed interest in finding out why Lang was found dead in the murky water so long ago. Earlier this year, Jamie Darlington, a witness who was 16 at the time, came forward.

He testified at the inquest that Lang and her husband, Jon, argued and that she was held underwater.

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There was also evidence the victim had been drinking wine at the time.

Neighbors only knew there was no official explanation for her death, and they always had questions.

“I just never believed it was an accident because the lady couldn’t swim and the pool was green, and it was like, who would want to go swimming in a pool like that,” says Caler. “At the time, I never thought it was an accident, but nothing ever came about it.”

So far, there’s been no comment from either Patterson Township Police or the Beaver County District Attorney. And at this point, the paperwork for this case is under seal.

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