PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A man accused of killing a Penn Hills Police officer is expected to make a full recovery after being rushed to the hospital on Tuesday.

Hours before jury selection was to begin on Tuesday, Ronald Robinson was found unresponsive in his jail cell.

The District Attorney’s Office said it has been informed that Robinson will make a complete recovery. He is expected to return to jail on Friday.

The prosecutor told the judge that doctors reported whatever happened to Robinson was a “medical mystery” and was given seizure medication.

They also said he was under the influence of marijuana, which is a contraband problem at the jail.

Robinson appeared to be having a seizure and was intubated because he couldn’t breathe on his own

The uncertainty about Robinson’s condition caused the defense to ask for and the judge to grant a court order so his lawyers could visit him before trial in connection with the shooting-death of Penn Hills officer Michael Crawshaw.

Frank Walker, an attorney not affiliated with this case says that’s important.

“You want to make sure the client is able to assist in his defense or else he’s deprived of those rights,” Walker said. “He has to be able to understand what’s going on including the penalty.”

As for the marijuana, a county spokesperson says the county has procedures in place to limit contraband at the jail but admits eliminating contraband completely may be impossible.

Robinson is accused of shooting and killing Officer Micheal Crawshaw in December of 2009. He has been in jail since his arrest.

Just last month, Robinson’s trial was delayed when a key witness for the prosecution disappeared. Once U.S. Marshals found the witness, the presiding judge ordered him held in custody until trial.

Robinson is also accused in the death of Danyal Morton at the home that Officer Crawshaw was responding to.

Jury selection is now scheduled to take place on Nov. 26.


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