By Heather Abraham

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A vehicle was seriously damaged in Beaver County Wednesday.

The door of a woman’s car was nearly torn off in an apparent hit-and-run.

And Wednesday afternoon, the woman just wants some answers.

The family who owns the car says it’s totaled.

It was their only mode of transportation and now they want to know who would cause so much damage, leave the scene and not report it.

Several witnesses say they saw a driver in an SUV scrape and slide against this vehicle multiple times.

“The car like backed up, kept on backing up and going forward, then the car took off,” said neighbor Rachel Miller who say it happen.

The car belongs to 76-year-old Marjorie Bailey and her son, who is currently in the hospital.

She says it’s a total loss.

“We don’t have a car now,” Bailey said. “And I only have liability so there’s no chance of getting anything out of it.”

Several witnesses saw a female driver behind the wheel of a dark-colored SUV.

They were unable to grab a license plate, but gave responding Ambridge Police as many details as possible.

Ambridge Police say they followed a fluid trail for some time, believed to be leaking from the SUV. But when the trail ended, so did the initial search for the damaged vehicle.

Police were following additional leads Wednesday to locate the SUV and say citations could include leaving the scene of an accident and failure to report an accident.

While these may seem minor, the ordeal has left neighbors and Bailey simply offended.

“I mean they could have left a phone number or something saying I accidentally hit your car,” Miller said. “I think it’s awful and I think the people who did it need to come forward and say who did it.”

“I would like to know who did it and why they would do such a thing,” Bailey said.

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