PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Rap videos are sometimes offensive and sometimes outrageous, but one controversial video is now getting local attention and many say it goes too far.

Laced with obscenities, the locally-produced video overtly calls for the killing of cops.

It was posted on YouTube, but was taken down late Thursday.

Some of the lyrics go: “Let’s kill these cops ‘cause they don’t do us no good. Pulling your Glock out cause I live in the hood.”

It also references Richard Poplawski, the man convicted in the 2009 deaths of three Pittsburgh Police officers during a domestic dispute call in Stanton Heights.

The video is angering people who live near the Zone 5 Pittsburgh Police Station near where the three officers were ambushed and murdered.

“It’s just perpetuating the violence even more,” said Darlene Duncan, of Homewood. “I don’t think it should even be out there on the market. To me, it’s disgusting.”

“It’s out there for younger kids to see, and it’s something that is very negative of our community,” added Caroline Quinn, of Shadyside.

Pittsburgh police won’t comment, saying they don’t want to give the video any attention.

Privately, they tell KDKA’s Paul Martino that they fear it targets a specific officer in Zone 5.

“If we don’t work together as a community, and if we don’t work together as friends and not enemies, we can forget about it,” said Donald Mitchell, of East Liberty.

Police sources tell KDKA’s Paul Martino that they believe they know who posted the video. The Police Intelligence Unit is investigating.

There could be charges against the people who made the video.

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