BUTLER (KDKA) — There is trouble at City Hall in Butler County, and it seems to be with the three county commissioners.

Things have gotten so bad between the lawmakers that President Judge Thomas Doerr has issued a court order to station, indefinitely, a deputy sheriff in the County Commissioners’ offices.

Commissioners Bill McCarrier and Dale Pinkerton were not available on Wednesday, but Jim Eckstein – the lone Democrat – told KDKA-TV’s Brenda Waters that he admits he is outspoken and stands his ground when pushed to vote the way of the “good ‘ole boys.”

Judge Doerr says he has read the local newspaper articles about the commissioners’ meetings and has seen the public broadcast of the meetings on Armstrong Cable, and believes this conduct “could potentially lead to a breach of the peace.”

Despite the order, Commissioner Eckstein says he doesn’t believe the judge has the power to do this and will definitely vote against spending tax payer money to have a deputy posted in the commissioners’ offices.

He says it will cost the county $65,000 a year.

The next board meeting is Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 10 a.m. Sheriff Michael Slupe will have the deputy posted first thing Monday morning.

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