PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Police officers delivered hot Thanksgiving dinners to people in need and the homeless all across the city Thursday morning.

Officer Terry Downs, who brought his 9-year-old son along, has been doing this for years.

“A lot of them are so grateful because like I said, they are shut-ins. There is just no way they are going to get out for Thanksgiving or they don’t have any families. I think they really appreciate it,” Downs said.

The cops said they appreciate the opportunity to help the public on a different level.

“Normally, when police officers go out to work, we see people at their worst. Today, we get to make so many people very happy,” Christine Luffey said.

Before hitting the streets to deliver the meals, there was a lot of prep work at the Sokol Club on the South Side.

Volunteers packed up all the turkey and sides and organizers spent hours and hours gearing up for today.

“We basically have been preparing meals since Sunday, starting with cooking the turkeys and getting the stuffing and everything together,” Heather Dieckmann said.

This event has grown over the past 10 years from feeding about 250 people to feeding about 1,500 this year.

“This is such an amazing day. This is most likely my favorite day of the entire year,” Luffey said.

Organizers hope the event continues to grow. They also hope the message behind the effort spreads even further.

“I think that everyone needs to count their blessings in life and look at all of the good and smile. Just be happy,” Luffey said.


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