PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It didn’t matter who was under center in Cleveland on Sunday when not a single running back was immune from fumbleitis.

“I am so depressed; it was really pathetic,” said one fan.

“You see this big flat spot on top of my head? That’s from pounding my head on the table,” Steelers’ fan Dave Hollister said.

“It’s terrible, but the defense did great,” another fan said.

But not good enough when the offense keeps giving it back.

“The pain is to close, the wound is too fresh,” said fan Dave Dengler of Reserve Township.

“I feel sorry for my Steelers ‘cause I’m a Steeler fan all the way regardless,” said another black and gold diehard.

And from that faith springs glimmers of optimism.

“Hopefully, Ben gets healed up quickly and Polamalu comes back, but we definitely need to improve our offense,” said Steelers’ fan Evan Weaver, of Mount Washington.

About Ben, he told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he’s going to try to return for Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens because watching is killing him.

“At this point, we need the help, so yea, if he can… if he doesn’t puncture a heart,” said Dengler.

“If he’s healthy, I think he should because Charlie [Batch] didn’t do a good job,” added another fan.

But others are a bit more cautious.

“I’m skeptical of that,” said another fan. “I don’t want to see them bring him back too soon.”

“I don’t want him to push it. I don’t want him to come back too soon and then end up being really hurt,” said another.

For now, the Steelers will plan on No. 16 once again being under center.

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