GREEN TREE (KDKA) – With the holiday shopping season underway and inventory heavily stocked, Green Tree Police claim a masked robber had an AT&T employee load a bag full of expensive merchandise before getting away Monday.

Not long before the store was supposed to close for the night, police said a man with a hooded-sweatshirt, ski-mask and gloves barged in and forced the employees to the back of the AT&T store on Greentree Road.

“Handed one of the employees a laundry-type bag, had her or him fill it with iPhones, iPads. Mostly Apple products,” Green Tree Police Lt. Steve Psomas said.

Police said the suspect also was able to snatch a small amount of cash.

“He was armed. It was a chrome or silver semi-automatic gun that he displayed at that time,” Lt. Psomas said.

No one was hurt and police said he ran out the fire exit. They are also looking into a possible vehicle being involved.

The store is armed with surveillance cameras, which could be of some use.

“My understanding is the video is pretty clear. But at this point, with the hoodie, ski mask an identification could be problematic, unless we get some other information,” Lt. Psomas said.

Employees were planning to provide police with a full list of everything that was stolen after going through their inventory, including a dollar amount.

Early reports indicate that it could have been thousands of dollars in merchandise that was stolen. Police are hoping that product information and serial numbers could provide a lead.

“Typically, they have a way to track that if something is stolen. And hopefully, that will occur in this instance,” Lt. Psomas said.

Green Tree Police plan to speak with witnesses throughout the day Tuesday and are asking anyone with additional information to call them.


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