LEET TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — The shot rang out just before noon on Thursday.

“This is where the bullet entered,” Pamela Call, of Leet Township, said while pointing out where the shot went into the home.

“It came in through here; then, it came down this way,” Phillip Call, Pamela’s husband, said as he showed the path the bullet took in the home.

The slug from the hunter’s shotgun passed through the bedroom into the bathroom, and then through the bathroom door before hitting the molding in the hallway.

It was only inches from where Phillip Call had just paused to speak with a workman.

“I was on my way to the restroom, but the plumber asked me a question so I stopped,” said Call. “If I had gone on to the restroom the bullet would have hit me.”

His life spared, but anger set in.

“There’s a guy out there hunting with a weapon, a high-powered weapon. He’s being careless. He’s not being a responsible,” Call said. “I couldn’t even sleep in my bedroom last night.”

William Krueger, 66, of Sewickley, is charged with firing into the state-mandated, 150-yard safety zone and destruction of property. That carries a $1,000 fine and the cost of repairs.

But Pamela Call says he should be charged with endangerment.

“He shot at my house, and my husband was in there and he’s a human,” she said. “There were four people in there and he should be held accountable for that.”

Game Commission Officer Gary Fujak says Krueger has been charged appropriately, but the investigation continues.

“The Game Commission is consulting with the District Attorney, and we’ll see what other charges could be pending against this hunter also,” said Fujak.

But the harrowing experience has put the Calls on a mission to tighten up the hunting laws and make the penalties more severe against any hunter that hits a house.

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