AMBRIDGE (KDKA) — A family in Ambridge got a potentially explosive surprise while going through the basement of their father’s home after he passed away.

It appears to be another wartime souvenir.

Lou Krofchick says he discovered what he recognized as a bazooka round in the basement of his dad’s home on Beaver Road.

His father, who was an Army platoon leader, served during World War II in Normandy and Germany on D-Day.

Because he was unsure if the bazooka round was live or not, Krofchick contacted the Allegheny County Bomb Squad who showed up to collect it for an x-ray.

“I asked if I could keep it if it’s not live, and they said ‘no’ it belongs to the Army,” said Krofchik.

He added that he vaguely recalls seeing the shell during his childhood, but then forgot about it.

He thinks that his dad once told the grandchildren that he removed the propellant, but that the explosives were still present.

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