PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It’s an organized retail theft ring Police say they don’t normally see. Mostly because of the men they believe are stealing the items.

Ross Township Police say a group of men up to 60-years of age, are pulling off a pretty elaborate heist. Surveillance video from the Best Buy on McKnight Road shows four men browsing through the store, in no hurry.

Two of the thieves surround a case of expensive cameras, and fill up a backpack. That’s when another of the men comes and takes the backpack. After they’ve got the goods, the backpack goes under a jacket, and the two make their slick getaway.

The men also distract employees, so another of the thieves can make off with thousands of dollars worth of cameras, GPS units, and graphing calculators.

Police believe the suspects are from out of state, and are professional criminals who have been doing the same thing in our state, and others along the East Coast. They’ve stolen nearly ten-thousand dollars so far in their heists.

The thieves are believed to be driving some sort of white SUV. Police are hoping by releasing the surveillance video, somebody will recognize the thieves and give them a call.

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