MOON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Emily Kearse, 100, has spent the last 10 days at her Moon Township home with her leg propped up because she was hit by a car while crossing the street to get her mail.

“It was a bright and [sunny] day, and I saw the car coming, but the next thing I know, I was on the ground. So, I scooted to the berm of the road,” Kearse said.

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The driver stopped and Kearse got to the hospital where she heard the bad news.

“When they took me to the emergency room, they told me my ankle was broken and of course, they took x-rays,” Kearse said.

It was certainly not the report you would want to hear at age 100, especially when the accident happens while crossing Maple Street Extension to get to a mailbox.

People on the street have complained about the mailboxes for years.

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“My children always made a mad dash to get the mail, but my children are no longer here because they’re grown and my husband and I are older,” Linda Waltermire said.

People who live on the road said the real problem is the number of cars that come up and down the road, which has increased significantly over the past few years.

Now, the United States Postal Service said what happened to Kearse is tragic and it does put safety first for customers and employees.

They said moving the boxes would affect the entire route and the downhill curve of the road puts letter carriers in a dangerous situation.

However, for Kearse this is all pretty simple.

“I’m hoping that they will move it, which sounds logical, which is logical, to this side of the road,” Kearse said.

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