PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — On this week’s edition of the Drivetime Road Test it’s a look at an improved version of a car I reviewed earlier in the year and really liked, The Hyundai Veloster.

In that earlier review of the Veloster, I glowed about the car…it’s style, uniqueness, ride  and rear seat access through the third door.

Read the first review here: Drivetime with Vinnie Richichi-Road Test: 2012 Hyundai Veloster

Lots to like about the Hyundai version of a four door coupe…even if the doors are placed in a non traditional manner with two on one side, one on the other and one in back as a hatchback.  That, along with lines like you will see on no other car out there give the Veloster a lot of personality.

There was just one thing missing…more kick when you hit the gas pedal!

Somebody at Hyundai must have been listening because there in my parking spot at the CBS Broadcast Center a few weeks ago was a Hyundai Veloster with the nameplate Turbo prominently displayed on the right rear of the deep blue hatchback.

Photo Credit:Vinnie Richichi

Photo Credit:Vinnie Richichi

Now, don’t get me wrong, I thought that the original non-turbo Veloster moved along with a lot of moxie and was plenty quick getting on the freeway or plenty powerful moving up a mountain road in it’s Bruce Wayne identity. I did have a feeling though that it would be nice to have more than the 138 horsepower that the base engine cranked out. With the twin turbo adding  63 horsepower to the mix, the Batman side of the Veloster took care of my speed lust just fine. It also helped the Veloster through the midrange of the engine quite well making the normal around town driving a lot zippier. The turbo gets you to 60mph from a standstill in just under 7 seconds which is better that the near 9 seconds that the non turbo edition delivers.

While Hyundai did tighten up the steering on the Turbo, the suspension is pretty much the same which actually works well. No hard bumpy ride-the Veloster softens the tough bumps of the real driving world. If you need a harder ride or more road feel you can always visit the performance shop. The Turbo also gets a more aggressive grille, special body cladding and badges. It includes a lot of high tech goodies as well like Bluetooth, a large nav screen, backup camera (a necessity with the non existent rear view) and Hyundai’s Blue Link connectivity system that also lets you know where the best restaurant in town is and  how to get there.

Photo Credit: Vinnie Richichi

Photo Credit: Vinnie Richichi

The thing you have to keep in mind about the Veloster is that it is a SPORTY car not a SPORTS car. You don’t get the rumble when you start it up even though it does sport dual exhaust ports centered at the rear of the vehicle. You don’t get the hard sports car ride and suspension even though you will find 18  inch wheels with  Michelin Pilot Super Sport performance tires and the Velosters six speed manual will never be mistaken for a ZF box you might find in a Porsche but it is fun to move the car through it’s gears on a twisty country road where it behaves just fine!.

Sticker price on the Veloster Turbo I drove was $26,520 including the Ultimate package which gets you a panoramic sunroof that is about as open air as you will see in a hardtop car.  Mileage on the 6 speed  manual version I drove was 24 city 35 highway 28 mpg combined.

What Hyundai delivers best in the Veloster Turbo is driving fun and individuality. It is a car that is a conversation starter for people but it also backs up that individuality by giving you enough power to pull away from the crowd. Just what  makes this little sportster a winner!

More information? https://www.hyundaiusa.com/vehicles/2013/veloster/?

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