PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The plows and salt trucks have been out all day trying to keep up with all the snow.

On the busier roads, things are pretty clear. However, some of the side streets are still covered.

For this late December snowfall, they came equipped for both small tasks on the home front and big jobs on city streets.

There was lots of slipping and sliding in Brookline where some residents waited all day for just a glimpse of a plow. For many, walking was the safest mode of transport.

“Our street hasn’t been plowed,” said Katherine Hall, of Brookline. “It’s ridiculous. I don’t know if I’ll be able to go to work tomorrow just ‘cause if it’s not plowed, I can’t get out.”

“It’s just the way it goes. You become accustomed to walking if you need to get somewhere because unless they plow, which they rarely do, there’s no shot you’re getting out,” added Paul Snyder, also of Brookline.

Much like Brookline, towns like Baldwin and Brentwood were equally tough to navigate, depending on which route you choose.

“I’m having a hard time on these hills; you can see how steep they are,” said Matt Osselborn, who is in town visiting his family.

Many municipalities are sending out advisories to property owners.

Mount Lebanon for example will have its road crews out all night. Overnight parking restrictions will be strictly enforced.

“While people are in bed and sleeping, rest assured that the municipality – police, fire, EMS – are all doing their job, as well as the road department,” said Lt. Kurt Christofel, of the Mount Lebanon Fire Department Training Platoon.

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