CRANBERRY TWP. (KDKA) – A black bear was spotted in a tree outside of a restaurant in Cranberry Township Thursday night.

The bear was spotted in a tree near the Buffalo Wild Wings on Route 19.

“To see a bear in Cranberry is not common,” Jami Lucas said. “To not be in its natural habitat is odd. But, it obviously explored and found itself a nice little nesting spot out front.”

Cranberry Public Safety Director Jeff Schueler said the bear stayed in the tree for about an hour, while curious onlookers snapped pictures.

Eventually, the bear climbed down, safely crossed the highway and disappeared.

“They said it was kind of funny. He sort of looked both ways and crossed the road. There wasn’t much traffic at that time so we were lucky,” Schueler said.

Lucas works at Good Looks Eyewear and noticed footprints outside the front door.

“I came back to put my lunch away and I looked out and saw all kinds of footprints. My first thought was, ‘Did someone try to get into the store?” Lucas said. “As I looked over here to the left I said, ‘Well, either that was a bear or someone was barefoot.”

There have been no additional reports since the bear took its stroll around 9:30 p.m. However, police said this might not be the last we see of the bear.

Police said the Game Commission will be contacted if there are additional sightings. Meanwhile, you’re reminded that if you do see a bear, call 911.


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