PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — About 4 more inches of snow overnight left Centre Avenue covered and slippery Saturday morning.

And some drivers weren’t happy.

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“They wait for or five hours,” frustrated driver Will Smith said. “They need to be out, right now. Old people can’t get around, because the salt trucks ain’t out.”

Residents in the city’s Lincoln Place section were also looking for the salt trucks.

“It’s bad enough, having to deal with messy roads, dangerous drivers and so forth,” Lincoln Place resident Steven Golebiewski said. “But, not even being able to make it into your own house, when you get home from work, it’s pretty annoying.”

But, with 1,800 miles of streets to salt and plow, city Public Works Director Rob Kaczorowski promises the job will be done in 24 hours.

“A lot of miles, a lot of work,” Kaczorowski said. “It takes some time. Somebody has to be first, somebody has to be last. We’ll get to you, as soon as we can. We’ll be well within the 24-hour time frame.”

City trucks eventually showed up, clearing streets in the Hill District.

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KDKA’s Bob Allen drove through other parts of the city and found a number of the major roads clear, along with many of the steep hills, on the South Side slopes.

Winter is just getting started and it’s already an extremely busy one for the Public Works Department.

Trucks have already plowed more roads than they have the past two winters.

Clearing the roads was easier, because this storm didn’t bring a lot of ice and freezing rain.

“This was straight snow,” Kaczorowski said. “It was a little easier for us to get to, once you plow it and salt it, you get down to the bare asphalt and concrete, people are accustomed to.”

By the afternoon, Shawn Boyachek’s street was plowed, and the steps and sidewalk in front of his house were shoveled, giving him time to play in the snow with his family.

“It’s always a beautiful day here,” Boyachek said. “Anytime I have time to play with the kids, it’s a great day.”

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