PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — When “Promised Land” was being shot in Apollo last summer, residents gathered to get a glimpse of star and producer Matt Damon, and debate the pros and cons of natural gas development.

“Jobs all over the area,” said one resident. “Yeah, it’s a good thing.”

“I think I need more information before I can say, ‘Yeah, you can do that around my area.’ I mean we got the little ones to think about,” added another resident.

Now, with the release of the movie, the debate is coming to the big screen; and Damon says the movie cuts it down the middle.

“People feel very strongly about on both sides,” he said. “And it’s great way to examine the choices we make, and why we make them and what kind of country we want to be.”

But that’s not so says the shale gas industry, which says the movie is decidedly slanted against shale gas development.

“Certainly, this is another attempt by opponents of responsible natural gas drilling to characterize our industry in a way that the facts don’t bear out,” said Steve Forde, of the Marcellus Coalition.

And so, the Marcellus Shale Coalition will run an ad before all showings of “Promised Land” in 75 percent of Pennsylvania’s movie theaters.

“We’re taking this as an opportunity to engage and continue this conversation and respond in this conservation with facts,” added Forde.

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