By Bob Allen

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Allegheny County medical examiner has ruled that two 3-year-old twins died from burns and smoke inhalation during a fire Friday in North Braddock.

Now, family members are looking for answers.

Witnesses could see flames inside the windows Friday.

No one could save two 3-years-old boys trapped by a fire that ravaged a home at Rebecca and Thirteenth streets in North Braddock.

Mary Hoye’s son is the children’s father.

She’s remembered her twin grandsons Kyer and Dyer Arthur.

“Just sweet and (well-mannered),” Hoye said. “They would say thank you — just sweet hearts, it’s just sad and it hurts that they’re gone.”

The mother of the toddlers, 32-year-old Delawna Berran Lett went out to look for her 15-year-old daughter Mariah.

The boys were left alone and no one knows how the fire started.

Hoye says the toddlers were curious 3-year-olds who could easily get into trouble.

“One time we had them for a few weeks,” she said, “we had to take the caps off the stove because you know little kids, feeling around, they go in the refrigerators getting this and that — typical three years olds.”

North Braddock Mayor Thomas Whyel hopes this tragedy reminds parents to never leave small children alone.

“The most that we can do right now is pray for these children and the family members,” Whyel said. “And again this situation is a learning experience for all of us that we never leave our children alone, for no reason.”

The question now is: how did this fire start?

As they prepare to bury two 3-year-old boys, the family wants answers.

“If Delawna had to go out and look for Mariah,” Hoye said. “Knock on a neighbor’s door, you know, “could you watch the kids?” I’m not trying to condemn her, she’s feeling it right now, now is not the time. She’s going to have to live with guilt the rest of her life.”

County homicide detectives interviewed the twins’ mother.

No charges have been filed as the investigation continues.

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