PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A mother of six is facing charges after failing to show up for a CYF meeting due to being intoxicated on Monday.

According to police, 30-year-old Marlene Nicole Doria did not attend a meeting with CYF at 11 a.m.

After failing to attend and police learning the mother may have been drunk, CYF obtained an emergency custody authorization.

Police went to the home on Wilner Drive and were greeted at the door by a 2-year-old. Doria was asleep on a couch inside.

Officers woke Doria up and determined she was still intoxicated. Two children were removed from the home, while another four were taken into CYF custody from school.

All six were taken to Children’s Hospital for evaluation.

At this time, Doria is facing several charges including endangering the welfare of a child and public intoxication.


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