PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Testimony continued Tuesday in the trial of a man accused of shooting and killing a Penn Hills Police Officer in 2009.

A transgender witness, Thomas Jones, who goes by Talliah, testified that in December of 2009, he was known as Keisha on a chat line and arranged to meet a man at a house on Wheeler Street in Homewood.

Jones testified a man who identified himself as “Rell” paid for her jitney ride and went to an upstairs bedroom where Jones smoked marijuana.

Jones told police that “Rell” said he had been running from police, and ran once police detectives showed up at the house.

Jones offered few specifics and prosecutors referred frequently to a police report since Jones was a reluctant witness.

“Rell” is believed to be Ronald Robinson.

Earlier, witnesses testified about what led up to the confrontation between Robinson and Danny Morton; and that Robinson was overheard telling Morton over the phone, “the issue could be settled with fists or guns.”

Officer Michael Crawshaw was shot in his cruiser with an AK-47 after the Morton confrontation.

Robinson’s cousin, Ramont Nelson, testified Robinson admitted to shooting the victims.

“He said him and the guy got into it over $500. He said he was going in the house to try to get his money and he shot the guy in the house and he said he shot the cop,” Nelson said. “I said, ‘Why would you do something stupid like that? Do you want to spend the rest of your life in jail?'”

Prosecution will continue its case in the morning.


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