PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Three Pitt football players, Lafayette Pitts, Ray Graham and Devin Street, were in court Wednesday to face charges that surfaced just before the Panthers played Notre Dame in the fall.

The players took part in that game and subsequent games without suspension.

Three witnesses told police that they were walking along a street in Oakland when the players allegedly walked into their path just after midnight on Oct. 21.

One claimed Graham allegedly confronted him and blocked him from retreating, and then was hit on the head, allegedly by Street.

While the victim said he did not want to see the players arrested, he did want them to stop aggressive behavior. At court today though, a deal was reached on the misdemeanor charges.

“After some negotiations with the Commonwealth, we agreed after weighing our options that as a business decision we would do some community service in exchange for a reduction in charge,” said Mark Fiorilli, Graham’s attorney. “After they complete their community service, they’re going to end up with disorderly conduct, which is a summary offense.”

The judge will review their progress and hold another hearing April 15.

3 Pitt Football Players Charged With Assault (11/2/12)
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