Christine D'Antonio reporting

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Her death will not be in vain.

That was the theme at an event remembering a woman whose murder is at the center of a 911 investigation.

Ka’Sandra Wade was found shot to death in her apartment in Larimer 20 hours after she called 911.

Pittsburgh Police are still investigating Wade’s murder and conducting an internal investigation about how the 911 call was handled.

Saturday in East Liberty, a march brought people together to not only remember Ka’Sandra Wade but also to take action so this situation doesn’t happen again.

People at the march talked about creating a piece of legislation called “Ka’Sandra’s Law.”

That would make it mandatory for police to speak to a woman involved in a domestic violence call.

The creators of “Ka’Sandra’s Law” will be domestic violence victims who will get together and share their own experiences to craft this law to safeguard those who are being abused.

The goal is to present it to city council by March 8, which is National Women’s Day.

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