PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — There will be no death penalty for the man convicted in the shooting death of a Penn Hills police officer.

Ronald Robinson was sentenced Tuesday night to two consecutive life sentences for the deaths of Officer Michael Crawshaw and Danny Morton.

Robinson, of Homewood, now faces that sentence with no chance of parole but not the death penalty.

Penn Hills Police Chief Howard Burton said in a statement: “We are disappointed with the verdict. We wish it would have been different, but it’s the criminal justice system we live in and have to go on.”

“Am I disappointed with the verdict, no, I’m not. It was the proper verdict because it was their verdict,” said prosecutor Mark Tranquilli. “Ronald Robinson’s going to die in prison. He was going to die in prison whether we went for the death penalty or whether, as happened today, he got sentenced to life in prison.”

Linda Crawshaw, the mother of Officer Michael Crawshaw, said in court, “The last thing I can do for Michael is say how devastating it is to lose your son. To have to live with his memory is ever present. Ronald Robinson has the luxury of continuing his life; watch television, play cards and sports. Most of all he can visit with his family and friends.”

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“I think that everybody reached a proper conclusion,” Patrick Thomassey, the defense attorney, said. “I compliment all the families involved in this case. There’s no winners here, no winners, everybody loses.”

Ronald Robinson Found Guilty In Officer’s Death, Sentenced To Life (1/15/2013)
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