SPEERS (KDKA) — A Washington County grandmother is facing charges in connection with the alleged abuse of her 5-year-old grandchild.

The victim in the case was allegedly left with bruises, scratches and scars all over his body.

Carmen Alexander, 45, of Speers, is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and reckless endangerment. She’s accused of abusing her 5-year-old grandson.

KDKA’s Marty Griffin talked with her daughter, Ciara Alexander, on Friday.

Griffin: “Did she do this with the little boy? Did she tie him up with the ties?”

Ciara Alexander: “No. “

Griffin: “She didn’t?”

Ciara Alexander: “No.”

Griffin: “What happened?”

Ciara Alexander: “I’m not allowed to say.”

Griffin: “Is he okay, the little boy?”

Ciara Alexander: “He’s fine.”

According to the criminal complaint, the 5-year-old had “bruising, scrapes, burns, scars and trauma from head to toe.”

The criminal complaint indicates Carmen Alexander “used zip ties to bound the child’s wrist to the bedpost to which the child had marks from biting at the zip ties to free himself.”

The criminal complaint also indicates that someone else in the household did “strike the child with a metal spoon all over the body including the face and head.”

Police say all of the alleged abuse happened at his grandmother’s house.

Griffin: “Was he mistreated?

Ciara Alexander: “No.”

Griffin: “So, was she wrongfully arrested?”

Ciara Alexander: “I would say so, yes.”

Griffin: “Did somebody make up a story or..”

Ciara Alexander: “Um, I wouldn’t say they made up the story, but it wasn’t my mom that did it.”

Family members do believe that someone abused the 5-year-old.

Griffin: “What did happen to him?”

Ciara Alexander: “I’m not going to tell you, no.”

Griffin: “Was he abused someway?”

Ciara Alexander: “Not by us.”

Griffin: “What happened to him?”

Ciara Alexander: “I’m not saying.”

Griffin: “Okay. But your mom did not do it?”

Ciara Alexander: “No.”

According to the criminal complaint, the boy was treated for his injuries at Children’s Hospital.

Carmen Alexander is out on $100,000 bond.

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