PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Gov. Tom Corbett on Wednesday afternoon outlined his plans to open up liquor and beer sales in Pennsylvania.

He estimates the plan will generate $1 billion in revenue and get the state out of the alcohol business.

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The state’s liquor stores have been around for 75 years; and for 75 years, people have complained about them because 48 other states have private liquor stores.

KDKA’s Paul Martino Reports:

“In Ohio, you can go into the grocery stores, you get some beer, you get some liquor, get whatever,” James Hill, of Sharon, Pa., said. “It would be more convenient if it was like that here.”

Gov. Corbett believes the time has come for the state to get out of the booze business.

“Why don’t we have choice?” Gov. Corbett said during his news conference. “Why don’t we have convenience like 48 other states in the union? Why are we subjected to the status quo?”

Under Corbett’s plan, the state would have up to 1,200 private liquor stores. That’s double the number of state stores. But that’s troubling to some who fear private stores will sell to minors.

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“I think that’ll just open the door to people that shouldn’t have alcohol and things like that, getting their hands on it,” said John Eastman, a resident of Chippewa.

KDKA Radio’s Johnna Pro interviews Gov. Corbett and Attorney R.J. O’Hara:

But Gov. Corbett believes most people like his plan.

“I’m here for the people of Pennsylvania, and I know this is something that they want,” he said.

Corbett believes the plan would generate up to $1 billion; and that money would go to schools in block grants.

However, there have been many attempts in the past to privatize the state liquor stores, and it has never passed.

KDKA’s Paul Martino Reports:

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