CRAFTON (KDKA) – Pink spray paint is what some people in Crafton found when they went out to their cars overnight.

Spray paint covering the surfaces of city property, homes, cars, and sidewalks and police are now looking for several people involved.

Vulgar images and offensive words were littered among the other random designs spray painted in neon pink paint.

It was a sight no one in Crafton wanted to wake up to.

KDKA-TV’s Heather Abraham caught up with one family who had some nasty language spray painted on their property overnight.

“I just walked back from taking my daughter to school and I looked back on the shed and there’s a bad word spelled there in pink,” Season Cierchanowski said. “It’s surprising for this neighborhood, really surprising.”

According to police, the vandals were on foot, armed with the spray paint, tagging cars, sidewalks, sheds, garages and even a borough sign put up by the Historical Society.

“It’s a nuisance crime. It’s a very costly crime to people who own vehicles and property, absolutely,” Crafton Borough Police Chief Mark Sumpter said.

While there’s quite a bit of damage, it extended into the city, with even more cards vandalized.

“We also noticed a lot of vehicles in the city of Pittsburgh, which is adjacent to us, that had been spray painted also,” Chief Sumpter said.

Pittsburgh Police did not have a final count of how many cars had been hit early Wednesday morning, but in Crafton, police took at least a dozen calls for damaged property.

The good news for police, surveillance cameras possibly captured those responsible, giving them their first lead.

“We do have surveillance of four individuals dressed in gray and we are reviewing that,” Chief Sumpter said.


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