MONESSEN (KDKA) – A woman was found dead in her Monessen apartment Monday of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Police say 77-year-old Sandra Troilo was using her gas stove to dry clothing in her apartment.

Monessen firefighters, as well as many others, say they see increases in carbon monoxide calls every winter.

When firefighters arrived at the Eastgate Manor senior apartment complex, they found high levels of carbon monoxide in Troilo’s second-floor apartment.

“According to the coroner, the stove was on, the oven was on, she was drying some clothing,” Leroy Bright with building maintenance said.

“In her apartment, they were pretty high levels,” Monessen Fire Chief Delmar Hepple said. “They were probably about 150 parts per million.”

Hepple said carbon monoxide levels were also detected in the hallway.

“We evacuated all the residents from the second floor to the first floor, to a safe area,” he said, “used positive pressure fans, ventilate the building.”

Troilo was a longtime Monessen resident and has once owned a popular candy store. She had just moved into the building last week.

“She was a very, very nice lady,” neighbor Sadie Altimore said. “Very nice – everybody liked her.”

Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless and tasteless. Fire officials stress the importance of getting a detector.

“Everyone should have a detector in their home,” Hepple said.

Officials are still testing the levels of carbon monoxide in Troilo’s system.

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