PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A local school district is taking action after one mother says a 9-year-old boy exposed himself to her daughter.

Ashley Zimmerman says the same thing has happened twice and the first time she complained, nothing happened.

Zimmerman says she was becoming increasingly frustrated because the district was taking so long to respond.

But Tuesday she got an answer.

Zimmerman says her daughter was riding on the school bus to Shannock Elementary School in Armstrong County, when a 9-year-old boy exposed himself to her.

“My daughter come home from school the other day and had told me that a boy had exposed himself to her on the bus,” Zimmerman said. “Not once, but twice. And the second time was two weeks ago.”

Several weeks later, Zimmerman says her daughter is still traumatized.

“She’s scared to death to even get on the bus and go to school,” she said. “She wanted me to bring her to school this morning and we pay tax dollars for these kids to be bused to school.”

Since then, Zimmerman has been trying to get the school to take action. She went all the way to the superintendent’s office.

“No one would do anything,” she said. “They just kind of hush hushed about it and we don’t talk to anybody about it until we do our investigation.”

After KDKA made calls to the district to inquire about the incident, Zimmerman was contacted by officials, saying the boy had been permanently removed from the school bus.

“It’s a cryin’ shame you have to call the news in order to have action taken at a school that’s supposed to be protecting my kids,” Zimmerman said.

She says the district’s decision is a start, but now she wants action taken against the principal.

“Because he is not doing his job,” Zimmerman said. “He is not looking out for the best interest of our children. And if he, you know, he allows kids to expose themselves to other kids, even kindergarteners, I won’t even send my other kids to this school.”

The Armstrong School District would now confirm if the boy has been permanently banned and its only comment was “no comment.”

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