PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – No one in the world has experienced more NFL Super Bowl championships than the City of Pittsburgh, so why not bring the Super Bowl here?

That’s the question being raised around the city now that the chapter of Super Bowl XLVII has closed.

Leanna Anderson of Mars says southwestern Pennsylvania, in general, and Pittsburgh, in particular, has a lot to show off. “The hills, the rivers, the architecture, but I think the most impressive thing about Pittsburgh is our culture, our roots and the and the pride the people have for our city.”
In February 2014, the Super Bowl will be held in East Rutherford, New Jersey, an outdoors, cold-weather stadium that is the home of the NY Jets and NY Giants.

The idea of Pittsburgh being a Super Bowl destination is nothing new, it’s been discussed around the city since at least 2010.

Pittsburgh knows a thing or two about dealing with snow, sleet and ice — and playing in less than perfect conditions.
“It would definitely even out the playing field for both teams,” says Tyler Makstutis of Brookline. “Any given Sunday any team can win but throw the weather in the mix, you never know what could happen.

Pittsburgh has shown it can host big events. The G-20 Summit of world leaders came to town in September 2009. The NFL’s biggest game is called super for a reason.
“A lot of revenue,” guesses Mike Sunseri of the South Hills of what it would mean to the area. “A lot of jobs and Pittsburgh would be on the map for Super Bowls.”

Warm weather cities like Miami, Tampa and southern California have hosted the NFL’s title game on countless occasions, while trips to cold climate towns like Detroit, Indianapolis and next year New York have been quite rare.

Locals say there are plenty of things to show the out-of-town visitors.

Shawn Gent of Carnegie knows exactly where he would take them. “South Side. Show them the South Side.” He adds. “It would be just like Bourbon Street. Show them the South Side. Show them the Strip District.”

One hundred and eight million people watched the game Sunday, and Anderson says there is little doubt the city would benefit from the exposure. “It would put more of a face on the statistics we hear about Pittsburgh being such a livable city and great place to start and continue your career.

Now all we have to do — is convince the NFL.

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