PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper is coming under more scrutiny after an outside business interest is questioned.

Sources say Harper’s future as Pittsburgh’s police chief is uncertain at this time.

Sources say the latest problem for the chief is paperwork filed nearly a year ago with the Pennsylvania Department of State that names Nate Harper as a partner in a security consulting firm.

“I was made aware of this late last night. You know, again, we’ll have a chance to look at it – our law department – and speak with the chief directly. Again, I don’t have much information now,” said Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl. “I’m not going to speculate beyond that – whether it’s legal or not or whether the activity there is appropriate.”

Chief Harper is already facing a federal investigation, a grand jury hearing allegations of corruption involving the chief.

Chief Harper says he did nothing wrong. The business now being looked at is not functional, and the website in under construction. The business has not collected any money.

Sources say the Mayor is losing confidence in the chief. Publicly, he has little to say.

“We’ve asked the law department to take a look at the findings. I was unaware of it until yesterday. I’m not going to speculate beyond that at this point until I have a chance to speak to the chief and the law department. So, that work is going on,” Mayor Ravenstahl said. “Once we have more information I’ll be happy to respond to its findings.”

There’s no comment from Harper who is still at work.

Meanwhile, the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office took a look at the company filed with the chief’s name attached to it and found nothing illegal. District Attorney Steve Zappala is calling it a “dormant entity.”

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