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Michael Bolton has taken home two GRAMMY awards in his over 40 years in the music business. But you would never know it.

“I keep them in a place where nobody sees them,” he explained to “Which is really weird and very stupid.”

It’s not that the singer, who just released his memoir, The Soul Of It All, isn’t proud of his wins; in fact it’s the exact opposite.

“It’ s a big deal for me, because it’s the industry,” he explained. “They gave me a sense of validation as a vocalist and I was up against some friends and some people I really loved as singers.”

Bolton says he was spoiled because the first time he was nominated in 1990 for his song “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You” he took home the GRAMMY for Best Pop Vocal Performance.

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“It was an outer body experience,” he said. “I barely remember getting from seat to stage.”

Two years later, he won his second Best Pop Vocal Performance statue for his rendition of Percy Sledge’s “When A Man Loves A Woman.”

“You know, I was nominated four times and won twice,” Bolton said. “Both times were of the highest high points for me in my career.”

Only seconds after saying that though, he explained that his GRAMMYs sit in a trophy case. “And the light’s not even on in it!” he added.

But thanks to his friend, songwriter David Foster, who displays all 16 of his statues on his piano, he plans on finding a new spot for his two awards.

“Everybody loves to look at them and see what they weigh,” he said. “I think I’m going to be less humble with them.”

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Shannon Carlin,