SPRINGDALE (KDKA) — A local police officer is facing federal charges after allegedly punching and using a Taser on a man who was in handcuffs.

Springdale Borough Police Sgt. Mark Thom is charged with civil rights violations.

The federal complaint against Thom says the officer by “using a dangerous weapon and engaging in acts resulting in bodily injury to GC (initials for the victim), defendant Mark E. Thom Jr., assaulted GC with his fists and deployed a Taser on him while GC was handcuffed.”

“Runs up behind the truck, pulls his weapon out on me from behind the truck, and I just froze,” Allegheny County Police Officer Ray Hrabos said. “I said, ‘Hey, what are you doing. I’m a police officer.”

Hrabos was arrested by Thom and says he was roughed up by the Springdale officer three years ago.

“There was a snow embankment right behind me and when he walked up, he just hit me right in the throat, pushed me over the embankment,” Hrabos said after the incident.

All charges against Hrabos were dropped. He sued Springdale Borough. Hrabos believes he could have been killed that night.

KDKA’s Marty Griffin: “Do you believe somebody could have been killed that night?”

Hrabos: “Oh absolutely.”

Meantime, sources confirm a FBI investigation took place. A federal grand jury looked at a significant number of allegations made by people arrested by Thom.

Sources indicate this type of criminal information case indicates the suspect has agreed to plead guilty and waive a federal indictment. Thom was unavailable for comment.

County Police Officer Files Lawsuit Against Springdale Police Department (1/11/12)
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