PITTSBURGH (93-7 The FAN) – Sports Illustrated Legal Analyst Michael McCann joined Starkey, Miller and Mueller to discuss the Paterno Report, and what Sue Paterno had to say about defending her late husband.

McCann told us most of the Paterno Report was just an effort to restore Joe Paterno’s name by calling into question various aspects of the Freeh report.

“What I do think was effective in the Paterno Report, was commentary from Jim Clemente, the former FBI Profiler, who I thought made a pretty good argument that maybe Paterno didn’t know everything that was going on.,” he said. “A lot of people could say, ‘well that’s ridiculous, of course he knew,’ but I think Clemente at least gives some reason to have some doubt about what happened.”

McCann did add that he thinks we should take both the Freeh and Paterno Reports with a grain of salt because they’re internal investigations commissioned by groups with a point to make.