PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The state treasurer returned more than $17,000 in unclaimed property to the United Steelworkers today.

He also encouraged other businesses and organizations across the state to see if they too are owed some of the $1.9 billion in unclaimed property.

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And after the news broke Monday afternoon, thousands flooded the web to search for their possible money.

Pennsylvania’s treasury is holding more than $1 billion that state officials say belongs to people in our area.

They say all you have to do is check the list to see if your name is on it.


State treasurer Rob McCord was in Pittsburgh Monday to present the United Steelworkers a check for more than $17,000 sitting unclaimed in the treasury.

He also reminded people they too may have unclaimed property waiting for them.

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“Hard working Pennsylvanians have left behind their money and we love reuniting Pennsylvanians with their money,” McCord said.

Pennsylvanians have about a 1-in-10 chance of finding unclaimed property in their name.

Maria Somma of Pittsburgh happened to be a today’s news conference and searched the site on her phone.

“It literally took me 30 seconds to go on to the site and put in my last name and first name and immediately unclaimed money came up,” Somma said. “It was 100 bucks.”

“Search under your family members’ names, your loved ones and also under the names of organizations, school districts animal shelters, churches, synagogues etc.,” McCord said.

Mccord says the treasury receives millions from abandoned bank accounts, forgotten stocks, un-cashed checks and contents of safe deposit boxes.

And since 2009, they’ve returned more than $419 million to rightful owners.

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