NORTH BRADDOCK (KDKA) — Fairless Elementary School in North Braddock could be on the chopping block come June 12 if the Woodland Hills School District votes to close it.

The issue comes down to money and the fact that class sizes are at 50 percent capacity.

“We said a year ago, buildings are going to have to close,” one school district representative said. “Nobody wants to do it; everybody hates doing it. It’s the worst thing, but we’re looking at some financial realities that are very frightening.”

The school board listened to a number of concerned parents and North Braddock community members who don’t want to see the students have to be bussed out of the area to attend other schools.

Some parents who don’t have access to transportation are worried about being able to pick their kids up should an emergency happen.

“I can’t get to Wilkins. [Are] you going to come get me if he gets sick?” said one parent. “You gonna bring him home? No!”

No decisions were made at Tuesday night’s hearing.

The board is required by law to have the meeting three months before the vote.

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