ARNOLD (KDKA) — A man accused in the deaths of a Arnold woman and her son over a debt and a comment about it in public is under arrest.

Robert Briestensky, Jr. was silent as he walked handcuffed, just arrested at his home. He’s accused of beating a mother and her son to death.

Briestensky is facing two counts of murder.

“It was no forced entry on the home,” said Arnold Police Chief William Weber. “The house was secure. It was not a subject of a random burglary, home invasion-type situation.”

The double murder shook up the community.

Bonnie Broadwater and her son were found beaten to death in their home. Authorities say the suspect locked the door of the home on his way out.

A friend didn’t find their bodies until four or five days later.

Police believe Briestensky owed Broadwater a couple hundred dollars. Investigators say she asked him for it in front of others and embarrassed and outraged him.

Police say they have DNA evidence from a baseball cap that was found at the crime scene that is a match to Briestensky.

Briestensky does not have an attorney at this time.

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