PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Just days after an important piece of medical equipment was stolen from a Latrobe man’s car, it was returned to his very own doorstep.

Bob Baum, 72, of Unity Township, depends on a pack he wears around his neck to keep his heart beating. It contains batteries, which power a controller that connects to a pump in his chest.

The equipment is so important that Baum keeps a back-up in his car at all times.

Baum says it’s a matter of life and death.

“If the pump stops, I stop,” he said.

On Saturday, Baum and his wife returned from running errands at Walmart and Lowe’s to find that the back-up pack was missing from his car.

They immediately called the police and drove to UPMC Presbyterian to pick-up a loaner.

The equipment costs $20,000 to $30,000.

But the story had a happy ending Friday when Baum’s wife returned home to find the pack sitting on the couple’s front porch.

She thinks the thief may have seen the story on the news and brought it back. Or, perhaps someone else found it and tracked her husband down by his name, which was on a pill bottle inside the bag.

Bob Baum says he doesn’t care who took it, he’s just glad to have it back.

“I want to thank whoever returned it,” he said.

Police say the pack wouldn’t have value to anyone besides Baum. They are encouraging people to keep their car doors locked at all times as we head into the spring season.

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