PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Ever since the horrible earthquake several years ago in Haiti, local ladies Jamie and Allie McMutrie who are the founders of HaitianFamiliesFirst.org, have been working to aid the victims of the natural disaster.

Now, they are looking for help, because a recent shipment of powered milk they received turned out to be bad.

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According to HaitianFamilies.org, the organization purchased their weekly supply of powdered formula/milk and distributed it to the families.

A few days later, they said that they had received calls from many families with kids that had gotten sick. The organization said they learned that the milk had been contaminated with microscopic bugs and eggs.

On the Thursday edition of the KDKA Afternoon News, Bill Rehkopf spoke with Ali McMutrie to get the word out on the milk crisis and what you can do help them out.

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“They did not know the milk was bad until the kids drank it,”  Ali McMutrie said and that now “26 kids are affected.”

  • Listen to Ali McMutri on NewsRadio 1020 KDKA:

This situation is tough according to HaitianFamilies.org – not only did they face higher than usual doctor bills for the kids who became ill, but they had to repurchase an entire week’s supply of milk. This unexpected event cost approximately double what they would normally factor for a week.

In Haiti, the unexpected can happen any time, and we have to be ready.

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