PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Officials have solved the mystery of the giant holes plaguing the Dormont pool parking lot.

It was originally thought that the depressions in the parking lot were sinkholes, but once officials realized they were more like concrete boxes – they suspected something else.

And it turns out one of their original guesses of septic tank was correct.

Dormont Borough Manager Jeff Naftal said earlier this month, “we’ve heard bomb shelters and Christmas tree burning sites and at one point, I had a theory that maybe it was a septic tank, giant septic tank.”

The three septic tanks are about 7 feet below the surface, 12 feet deep, 17 feet wide and about 53 feet long, Naftal said.

Naftal said they were able to determine that the structures were septic tanks based on plans from 1937 indicating that they were to be removed – which never happened.

Officials said earlier this month that they plan to have the holes filled by the end of the month.

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