PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – With the recent events occurring in our atmosphere, many people have started looking towards the sky for answers. For example, the meteor over Russia caused quite a stir when the meteorite crash landed. Studies show that meteors are always falling in to our atmosphere, they just vary in sizes.

The Program Development Communicator, Robert Marshall, and Senior Scientist at the Carnegie Science Center, Dr. John Radzilowicz, joined KDKA Radio’s Mike Pintek to field some of the hard-hitting questions relating to science. The pair both work at the Buhl Planetarium where they enjoy researching the planets and stars. They explained that a meteor like the one that killed the dinosaurs would have to be 6 miles in length.

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A caller requested further information regarding the Tesla Coil that once was in the planetarium and was pleased to hear that the coil is still in the “works theater” part of the center.

Over the Dollar Bank instant access, a listener wanted to know if any of these environmental and space phenomenons could be related to something religious. The two agreed that there is no direct connection between something that has happened in the sky to a prophecy. Many of these experiences have been going on for years.

“The history of the world happened because of astrological events developing in to great stories, with no evidence,” said Marshall. “Many people have witnessed things that they believed to be a miracle when actually they were created by natural events.”

Recently, a story broke about “crop circles” that formed on lakes with ice. Mike wanted to challenge the experts on their knowledge of the weather and how this could occur. The two explained that the story did not provide enough information to determine a cause of the spheres. But they did say that it could be from the heat because it’s a man made lake, but to remember that “crop circles” aren’t really made from aliens.

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The comment of aliens sparked Mike’s interest and he began probing the duo whether they could say if scientists have found anything in their signal monitors. Dr. Radzilowciz calls any man-made sound buried in a signal, “L-G-M” or “Little Green Men.”  He tells Mike that there is not just one group researching the noises in space, but many throughout the years.

“Good science states that how things work here on our planet is probably how other life is developed on other planets,” said Dr. Radzilowciz. “But because of how vast the universe is, we may never find the answer.”

Dollar Bank instant access provided a question about the dark side of the moon. The gentlemen chuckled when they answered that there is not a “dark side” of the moon, but a far side. And that far side has been seen by satellite photos and it looks just like the other side. The difference is that since the moon doesn’t have the environment like Earth does, you can see all of its craters and faults very easily.

They also addressed the science behind worm holes describing the universe as something physical and capable of bending and folding to create gravity. This makes it possible to go through the hole, but you wouldn’t be able to get back.

“Black holes are all over the universe, they’re like short cuts to different systems,” said Marshall. “But they’re nothing scary, we’re too far away to be worried.”

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