BADEN (KDKA) — A man originally from our area is being called a hero, after jumping onto subway tracks to save someone’s life.

It happened in Philadelphia, but it’s Beaver County where Christopher Knafelc’s family is beaming with pride.

Knafelc saw a man fall off the side of the subway platform and onto the tracks. While everyone stood there and did nothing, Knafelc jumped onto the tracks to help the man.

“I can’t imagine not helping somebody in that situation, like I can’t imagine that,” said Knafelc.

His grandmother, Stella Voegel, from Baden, is very proud that her grandson is being called a hero in Philadelphia.

“He was so upset because when he saw the man go, he said nobody moved. Nobody moved. He said there was a guy looking at the paper. He looked up, and then kept right on reading,” said Voegel.

Knafelc stayed with the man and supported his head and neck until firefighters arrived.

Trains come every seven minutes, but Knafelc hollered for someone to tell the cashier to stop the trains. He says he was 99.9 percent sure wouldn’t be electrocuted by jumping down on the tracks.

The chief of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Police says Knafelc saved the man’s life.

It’s not known why the man fell in the first place. He’s in stable condition.

Knafelc told his grandmother he was just doing what she taught him: to help others.

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