PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Cecil Township has a new police chief.

“I, Shawn Bukovinsky, so solemnly swear,” the new police chief said as he was being sworn-in Monday.

But the new chief didn’t happen without controversy.

After 38 years as chief of the former head of the department, John Pushak handed in his resignation. It happened after an audit showed irregularities in department sending — $10,000 which has since re-appeared in the books.

“Please accept this as my official letter of resignation retirement,” Pushak wrote in his letter. “As things such as family issues, health issues and other personal issues have come up quickly in life, sometimes decisions must also be done quickly.”

A new chief was immediately named.

Shawn Bukovinsky was sworn-in as family looked on, but some in the small community say there are still a lot of questions about the sending habits of the former chief, resignation or not.

“I believe it should go further because there has been money missing before,” said David Bradwell of Cecil Township, “… I believe we need a forensic audit.”

Township supervisors did agree new guidelines were needed to oversee issues like use of police cars by the chief during non-work hours.

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